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Founded in 1962, the Southwestern Region of the NSS is a Region of the National Speleological Society. The Southwestern Region is a non-profit organization to further the discovery, exploration, scientific study, and conservation of caves, and to promote safe techniques of cave exploration. The Southwestern Region spans New Mexico, west Texas, and eastern Arizona. These boundaries overlap boundaries recognized by the Texas Speleological Association and the Arizona Regional Association.
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JOHN LYLES will be giving a short talk on the exploration of Capitan Caverns, Fort Stanton Cave, in Carol Hill’s Caves of the World, UNM Continuing Ed Class on August 11th. For details, see the SWCavers Newletter that just went out to members.

Carol A. Hill
Adjunct Professor: Earth and Planetary Sciences and
Continuing Ed Departments, University of New Mexico
Wednesday, August 11, 18, 25, 10am-12Noon, online, register:, (505)277-0077
CLASS #1.  Lava tube caves, ice caves, evaporite caves, and carbonate island-seacoast caves.
   Carbonic-acid caves: Mammoth Cave, KY; Jewel and Wind Caves, SD; Fort Stanton Cave, NM,
 Snowy River and new exploration discoveries in Capitan Caverns (John Lyles). 
CLASS #2. Guadalupe Mountain and Carlsbad Cavern National Park caves: their unique hypogene,
                 sulfuric-acid speleogenesis. Mineralogy and speleothems of Carlsbad Cavern and other caves  
                 of the Guadalupe Mountains. 
CLASS #3. Caves of the Grand Canyon: how karst may relate to the origin of Grand Canyon (1 hr).
   NOVA’s Mysterious Life of Caves, aired on PBS on October 1, 2002. This show compares
                the hypogene origin of Carlsbad Cavern to an active sulfuric-acid cave – Cueva de Villa Luz, 
                Tabasco, Mexico. It also features the geology, mineralogy, and microbiology of Lechuguilla
                Cave in the Guadalupe Mountains – the premier cave in the world for both its beauty and
                mechanism of origin.

SWR Winter Technical 2020
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hosted by Pecos Valley Grotto

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Patty Daw Memorial Grant

The Southwestern Region of the NSS Patty Daw Memorial Grant program provides small grants to individuals / organizations for cave/karst scientific research and/or cave conservation purposes. The deadline for applying for a grant is September 30th. An SWR member can download the Patty Daw Memorial Grant Individual Form to request a grant for a worthwhile cave or karst-related project. Organizations or individuals can apply for a grant using the Patty Daw Memorial Grant Organization Form. Completed applications / request forms should be mailed to the SWR Treasurer at the address above.